Simple Ways To Stay Safe From Corona

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Life is coming back to track all over the world, but it will not be the same as it used to be before corona. There are a lot many changes that have happened over the last few months, this is why we also need to change our lifestyle and many other things to fight corona together.

Social distancing is what will go on for a long time as this is what helps people to stay safe. If you are someone who can work from home, then staying indoors is the best way to protect yourself and your family from Corona.

Buy a badge – “Badge for distance is a simple way that can make you and others understand the presence of the virus. When people will go back to their workplaces and follow a particular routine, chances are that they will forget about social distancing. This is where a small badge with a message can do wonders.” said a representative from Badge For Life

You can also donate such badges in charity as it will help more people and make them follow social distancing.

Don’t panic – While many people get panicked about the presence of infected people in their proximity, they end up ignoring the required steps to safeguard themselves. It is important to sanitize your house properly along with washing and sanitizing your hands again and again to save yourself from the deadly virus. It is also important to take care of your mental and emotional health during this tough time.